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  • 欧美视频/1982

    阿加莎·克里斯蒂悬疑剧场 10


    A【采集参数配置,伪原创功能】gatha Christie Hour is a collection of ten hour-long dramas based on short stories by the most popular novelist in history. Some were romances, some had supernatural themes and a couple were adventures. The common link was that all came from the talented pen of Agatha Christie, all were entertaining and each drama was carefully crafted and well cast with many of Britain’s best known actors of the time represented.1.The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife:When Mrs Packington, whose husband is paying more attention to his young secretary, answers an ad in the papers reading, ARE YOU HAPPY? IF NOT, CONSULT MR PARKER PYNE, she soon finds herself being dazzled and swept off her feet by the handsome Claude Luttrell.2.In A Glass Darkly:Matthew Armitage is startled by a vision in his mirror: he sees a man with a scarred neck strangling a beautiful blonde. He later meets the woman in his vision, Sylvia, and notes her fiance’s scarred neck. Mathew tells Sylvia of his premonition, and the engagement is broken off. But is that all there is to it?3.The Girl in The Train:George Rowland, a bored playboy, disowned for the seventh time by his wealthy uncle, is on the train to London. When a beautiful girl bursts into his compartment frantically begging to be hidden, his life changes dramatically.4.The Fourth Man:A canon, a lawyer and a psychiatrist find themselves together on a train bound for Newcastle. There is a fourth man in the compartment, who apparently pays no attention to his companions’ animated conversation.5.The Case of the Discontented Soldier:The recently retired Major Wilbraham is bored and unhappy so he answers Parker Pyne’s newspaper ad. Before long the Major finds himself rescuing Freda Clegg from two burly attackers; with Freda in tow, he embarks on a daring adventure to find treasure in the wilds of Africa! Another charming love story of an autumn romance.6.Magnolia Blossom:Theodora Darrell is running away with her lover – and business associate of her husband – Vincent Easton, when she learns her husband Richard is facing financial ruin. Old loyalties resurface and she returns home to see if she can fix the situation.7.The Mystery of the Blue Jar:Playing golf early one morning, Jack Harrington hears a cry, “Murder! Help!” from a nearby cottage. He runs up to find a beautiful French girl, Felise, placidly weeding the garden, oblivious to any disturbance. When the Jack hears the same cries for many days he begins to think he might be mad. But are more sinister forces at work?8.The Red Signal:Dermot West is invited to dinner at the home of Jack and Claire Trent. The first is his best friend, the second, the woman he loves. During the evening the conversation turns to the supernatural; Dermot admits he frequently gets what he calls ‘the red signal’ to warn him of impending danger. He neglects to mention that he is getting the signal strongly that night!9.Jane in Search of a Job:Jane Cleveland lands a sought-after job as double for the Grand Duchess of Ostrova during the latter’s state visit to England. An attempt is feared on the Duchess’ life and when Jane is framed for a theft, events become ever more complicated. Can she clear her name and who is trying to kill the Duchess?10.The Manhood of Edward Robinson:Prim and proper, yet a romantic dreamer, Edward Robinson, leads a rather dull life with his domineering girlfriend and uninspiring job. His quiet, dull life ends when he wins some money in a newspaper contest and he embarks on an adventure that even he never dreamed of.

  • 剧情电影/2018

    米娅和白狮 TS清晰版


    U【采集参数配置,伪原创功能】ne histoire d’amour exceptionnelle entre une enfant et un lion blanc... Mia a 11 ans quand elle noue une relation hors du commun avec Charlie, un lionceau blanc né dans la ferme d'élevage de félins de ses parents en Afrique du Sud. Pendant trois ans, ils vont grandir ensemble et vivre une amitié fusionnelle. Quand Mia atteint l'âge de 14 ans et que Charlie est devenu un magnifique lion adulte, elle découvre l’insoutenable vérité : son père a décidé de le vendre à des chasseurs de trophées. Désespérée, Mia n’a pas d’autre choix que de fuir avec Charlie. Bravant tous les dangers, elle entreprend alors de traverser l’Afrique du Sud, pour rejoindre la réserve sauvage du Timbavati où le lion sera protégé.

  • 剧情电影/2018

    调音师 TS清晰版



  • 剧情电影/2014

    深情约定 HD高清



  • 国产视频/2014

    格子间女人D 30


    谭斌(唐嫣 饰)是无数个身陷在格子间里的女白领中的一个,作为公司里的销售骨干,她正在谈一笔数额巨大十分重要的大单子。谭斌有一个相恋多年的男友沈培(李承炫 饰),虽然两人之间的感情一直十分恩爱,但沈培是一名画家,向来放荡不羁的他并不理解谭斌对利益和金钱的斤斤计较。随着时间的推移,两人之间的共同话题越来越少,渐渐形同陌路。陈睿敏(吴卓羲 饰曾经是谭斌的上司,如今却成为了她强大的竞争对手。在竞标中,谭斌连连失手令其百思不得其解,最终她震惊的发现,失败的原因全都追溯到了陈睿敏的身上。谭斌误会了陈睿敏在竞标中做了手脚。

  • 剧情电影/2011

    亲密敌人 HD高清


    某投资银行的经理戴瑞克李(黄立行 饰)正忙于对某锂矿企业进行收购,而他的前任女友艾米梁(徐静蕾 饰)此时也来到香港,以另一家投资银行副总经理的身份担任该锂矿企业的财务顾问,这对昔日情人即将在职场展开对决。戴瑞克的得力助手瑞贝卡(梁咏琪 饰)试图以好友身份劝说艾米退出,而热门金融博主亨利(李治廷 饰)发现了李、梁二人的过往,原来艾米因戴瑞克事业繁忙,绝少时间陪伴自己而赌气分手,不久却在戴瑞克的安排下,亦加入了投行领域。戴瑞克与艾米在飞往伦敦的航班上巧遇,为了从收购案中胜出,二人连番缠斗,而随着事情的发展,这对儿亲密敌人的关系再度变化……【采集参数配置,伪原创功能】

  • 剧情电影/2014

    黑月 HD高清


    在某舞蹈学校内生活着一对好姐妹,家境优渥且专业过硬的艾美(王兮 饰)以及灵巧美丽、快人快语的喵喵(宋紫菲 饰),她们和舞美师刘小海(贾之海 饰)与歌手辛磊(李鹤 饰)是无话不说的好朋友。男男女女之间,总是有各种各样的感情纠葛,艾美一心想跳好舞蹈,然而身不由己地在海哥和辛磊之间摇摆,海哥十分喜欢喵喵,喵喵则对辛磊颇有好感。为了不影响四人的友谊,喵喵宣布成立寂寞帮,作为成员的四个人发誓永不背叛彼此。可就在一次海边聚会上,别扭的气氛中辛磊不知为何突然死去。与此同时,艾美的芭蕾舞事业受父亲的压力而走入低谷,身边的人也遭遇了各种各样诡异事件为了改变当下的一切,暧昧不惜铤而走险求助于神秘莫测的力量……

  • 剧情电影/2011

    大武生 HD高清


    清朝末年,孟氏一族遭摄政王灭门,惟有小儿子孟二奎被大武生余胜英和徒弟关一龙所救。当年余胜英名满天下,可是却遭到岳江天的挑战,最终败北并丢掉摄政王赐给他“武生泰斗”的金匾,从此一蹶不振。多年后,关一龙(吴尊 饰)与孟二奎(韩庚 饰)已经【采集参数配置,伪原创功能】大成人,二人练就了一身本领,发誓要替师傅报仇。关、孟二人在上海初次登台,便战胜武生岳江天,为师父夺回“武生泰斗”的金匾,名声大震。而岳江天却不堪羞辱,当场自尽。岳江天的女徒弟刀马旦席木兰(徐熙媛 饰)与师父感情甚好,在亲眼见证师傅的死之后对二人恨之入骨,但为了保住岳家戏班,她最终答应戏院老板与关、孟二人同台演出。自此,在歌舞升平的大上海,一段关于报复与阴谋的故事拉开了序幕……本片由知名音乐人高晓松执导。

  • 欧美视频/2019

    亲人/终归是家人/Fam 第一季 13

    亲人/终归是家人/Fam 第一季

    Corinne Kingsbury负责的《亲人 Fam》讲述女主的同父异母妹妹Shannon(Odessa Adlon饰)为了逃避父亲给她定下的未来规划,因而突然跑到与女主及她未婚夫的二人安乐窝同住。Nina Dobrev饰演女主Clem,其余主演包括Brian Stokes﹑Brian Stokes Mitchell及Sheryl Lee Ralph。【采集参数配置,伪原创功能】

  • 伦理视频/1961

    大闹天宫 HD高清


    话说在东土傲来国有一座花果山,山上有一尊石猴吸收日精月华化身为一只神猴(邱岳峰 音),统领着山中的猴子猴孙。为求得一件称心的宝贝,神猴孙大圣潜入龙宫,强硬求来大禹治水时的定海神针如意金箍棒。东海龙王(毕克 音)心有不甘,于是上天将此事诉诸玉帝(富润生 音)。玉皇大帝命令太白金星(尚华 音)下界招安,许以爵位。不知诈的孙大圣欣然前往,却发现只是负责养马的弼马温。得知受骗的猴王反下天庭,与天兵天将在花果山展开大战……本片根据古典名著《西游记》中的故事改编,前后历时4年创作,并荣获1962年捷克斯洛伐克卡罗维发利国际电影节短片特别奖、1978年英国伦敦国际电影节年度杰出电影奖、1982年厄瓜多尔第四届国际儿童电影节三等奖、第二届中国电影“百花奖”最佳美术片奖。


    阿加莎·克里斯蒂悬疑剧场 10


    09欧美视频亲人/终归是家人/Fam 第一季
    11日韩视频世界奇妙物语 2018年秋季特别篇


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